The News That Moved Us This Past Week

by Martin Davis

The week just past saw a Black History Month poetry read-in at James Monroe High School, a new interview with Republican congressional candidate Terrice Todd, a MWHC op-ed, a brewing political controversy in King George, and a FOIA request gone bad in Spotsylvania. In addition, our best-read commentary looked at school board leadership issues, and humorist Drew Gallagher is peanuts in Dotham, Alabama

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Number 5: James Monroe High School Hosts African American Read-In

Retired James Monroe English teacher S.J. Cordell-Robinson, who started the first African American Read-In at the high school in 1991.

At this year’s event, students gathered to hear original poems read aloud by their classmates, and by special guest Michael Bush, a local youth leader and mentor who ran last year for the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors.


Terris Todd is running in the Republican primary for the 7th Congressional District seat.

Terris Todd is a Republican candidate contending for a chance to represent the GOP on the ballot this November for the congressional seat being abandoned by Abigail Spanberger, who is running for governor in 2025. Todd recently spent some time with the Advance to talk about himself and his candidacy.

Number 3: A Guest Editorial from Mary Washington Healthcare

Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) is committed to serving our communities, providing care to those most in need and supporting our partners to do the same. Over the past 30 years, MWHC has been honored to serve as the Moss Free Clinic’s primary supporter. When Dr. Lloyd Moss launched the clinic in the 1990’s, it served to rally the volunteerism of physicians and medical professionals and provide access to primary and dental care for those uninsured and unable to pay for healthcare services.

No. 2: What’s Going on in King George County? – FXBG Advance

A new Board of Supervisors took office in King George County in January. Two months later, at least four senior county employees have resigned, and until last week, the Board Chair, T.C. Collins, was acting as County Administrator.

Number 1: Lisa Phelps, Mark Taylor Failed to Fully Comply with FOIA Request

Newly available text messages reveal the degree to which at least one Spotsylvania School Board member and senior school division leadership were involved in events that led up to and followed the volatile December meeting of the Riverbend High School swim team that resulted in the principal being placed on administrative leave.

Humor – Drew Gallagher

Drew’s fuming after clicking on a link about a murder-for-hire scheme, then made the mistake of fact-checking the story, which took him to Dotham, Alabama, and, well … just read it.

Commentary – Thwarting the Press Isn’t the Solution

Daniels wants a good relationship with media. She wants journalists to celebrate and shine a positive light on the division. Speaking at the February 12 board meeting held at John J. Wright, she said as much. “We want to make sure we continue to get … good coverage … for our school division.” And then again, “we just want to make sure we have some positive news.” That desire to cultivate a healthy relationship, however, must be built on transparency. A mid-January email, however, suggests that Daniels is not yet ready to be transparent with media.

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by Martin Davis