A Field Guide to Local Libations: Highmark Brewery

Looking for a little happiness? Highmark Brewery is the place to go, says Ned Flemming. By Ned FlemmingLIBATIONS REVIEWEREmail Ned When I first walked into Highmark Brewery (just over the Rappahannock River in Stafford), I couldn’t help but to think, “That is a big, beautiful board of beers!” A balanced mix of flagship beers and […]

The Grand Poobah of Reviewers – Part 2

Drew continues his longwinded (err, “in-depth”) interview with Ron Charles who works for the Washington Post. Clearly, Drew wants his job. After his interview, Charles has nothing to worry about. Read the first part When last we left Washington Post book critic Ron Charles, he was sitting for the sculpting of his marble bust to […]

Sunday Books & Culture

Reviews of Colombe Schneck’s portrayal of loss and self-discovery in “Swimming in Paris: A Life in Three Stories” and Italian author Valeria Corciolani’s art history mystery “Pentimento Mori.” Sunday Books & Culture is edited by Vanessa SekingerEmail Vanessa SWIMMING IN PARIS: A LIFE IN THREE STORIES By Colombe Schneck Published by Penguin Press (May, 14, […]

Interview with Ron Charles – Grand Poobah of Reviewers

In one fell swoop, Drew manages to insult the FXBG Advance, the city of Fredericksburg, the Card Cellar, and the best-selling author since Moses. See what we editors put up with? When they finally construct the pantheon of the world’s greatest book critics, the marble bust of Washington Post book reviewer Ron Charles will certainly […]

Sunday Books & Culture

This week’s reviews include enchanting descriptions and drawings in Amy Tan’s “The Backyard Bird Chronicles”; a trip to Positano for self discovery and healing in Rebecca Serle’s “One Italian Summer” Books and Culture is edited by Vanessa Sekinger THE BACKYARD BIRD CHRONICLES  by Amy Tan Published by Knopf (April 23, 2024)Softcover $31.50Audiobook $14.99 Reviewed by […]

Tally ho! July 4, and All That

Drew bends an elbow with a Brit visiting the U.S. for Traitor’s Day (Actually, Independence Day – but it’s all in how you look at it). It’s a one-of-a-kind July 4 celebration. For most of the world, July 4th is like any other day. Not many Americans fire up the grill or pick crabs for […]


Humor doesn’t always lead to people falling down and laughing. Sometimes, humor can take a darker tone. Such is the case with today’s column by Drew. Hi, my name is Cricket and I’m a 14-month-old wirehaired pointer who lives in South Dakota. Today is my big day! Mistress Kristi told me that today she’s going […]

Sunday Books & Culture

This week Penny A Parrish reviews Clare Pooley’s heartwarming novel “How to Age Disgracefully.” HOW TO AGE DISGRACEFULLY  by Clare Pooley Published by Pamela Dorman Books (June 11, 2024)Hardcover $26.10Audiobook $15.75 Reviewed by Penny A Parrish   Those of us of a “certain age” are often overlooked by writers. So credit goes to Clare Pooley […]


Presented by Stage Door Productions Music and lyrics by Irving BerlinBook by Dorothy Fields and Herbert FieldsDirected by David SchubertTickets available for June 30 Theater Criticism 101 Answer the following questions:  Answers:  In 1946, Irving Berlin had been writing Broadway musicals for 32 years. When approached by Rogers and Hammerstein to write the score that […]

VOTE for Tyrone

NEWS FLASH!!! Drew’s a liberal, who writes liberal tripe! Drew from King George likes to tabulate the number of times I mention Republican versus Democrat politicians in unflattering terms in the humor column, and he has stated that the column tends to skew left, along with having a distinct reliance on Tyrone and his inability […]