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Moss Free Clinic Faces Financial Cliff

- February 9, 2024

Mary Washington Healthcare is pulling in-kind support and charging Moss ‘additional rent.’ Clinic may need to raise $750,000 per year.

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Managing Editor and Correspondent

    Leigh Anne Van Doren

    Great reporting. Let’s hope the community can step up.

    Mary Ann

    Agree. Great reporting as ever from the Fredericksburg Advance. May the community, local governments and MWHC continue to support this worthy endeavor.

    Robert Keith Thomas

    What is missing from this article is an explanation that the MWHC is incorporated as a non-profit, which means they do not pay federal taxes on most or all of their income, (readers with specialized knowledge of this arrangement should explain just how it works.) This status requires them to provide benefits to the community, so their help to Moss is not done out of the kindness of their hearts. More needs to be revealed of MWHC compliance with the tax laws which advantage them.

    Sharon Shumaker

    Now they are evicting Kid Station to use the area for a parking lot. Mary Washington shows little concern for its staff or community.

    Leila G

    I totally understand the cyber security concerns from MWHC. I’d like to now more about the Moss Clinic’s efforts to meet MWHC’s requirements? This area is full of cyber security companies who could probably use the tax write off of providing that security along with some in kind donation for the overall IT support the Clinic needs.