The News That Moved Us April 5 – April 12

by Martin Davis

The week just past saw readers buzzing about electric lawn tools, a new tour focusing on the region’s enslaved resistance, a Spotsy Board member reprimanded, a teacher of the year at Riverbend, and a cease-and-desist issued to a controversial web site.

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Number 5: Electric Power Tools and Mowers Make Big Sense

Battery-powered lawn equipment is here, and the prices are falling. Given the emissions of two-cycle engines, it’s a good time to switch to battery power.

Number 4: New Tour Tells Stories of Enslaved Resistance in Fredericksburg and Stafford

In the Fredericksburg area today, we’re accustomed to crossing the Rappahannock River with ease, often multiple times a day, to get to work, or to an appointment, or to run an errand. Two hundred years ago, a young, enslaved man named James attempted to cross the river in order to save his own life—and he was not successful.

Number 3: Spotsylvania School Board Votes to Reprimand Lee Hill Representative Lisa Phelps

Spotsylvania School Board member Lisa Phelps will receive a written letter of reprimand from the Board for violating the governing body’s Code of Ethics.

Number 2: Riverbend High School Teacher Named Region 3 Teacher of the Year

It took the students in Beth Marshall’s French 2 class less than a second to come up with answers to a question posed to them by Lisa Coons, Virginia’s state superintendent of public instruction.

Number 1: Spotsy Wire Issued ‘Cease and Desist’ Order

Demands include removal of “all defamatory publications you have authored, repeated, or otherwise disseminated in an online forum, including on social media or news sites.”

COMMENTARY: Spotsylvania Votes for Stupid

With a school system in crisis from more than a decade of underfunding, the Board of Supervisors took the low road Monday night and voted for willful ignorance.

HUMOR: ‘Never’ Says Moore

It’s Drew Time! – You’d think an unpaid humorist wouldn’t work all that hard, but alas, poor Drew is worn-out and turning to AI and Christopher Moore to bail him out.

by Martin Davis