The New Dominion Podcast – One Year On

The second season of NDP begins this week, and if history is prologue, year two will be must-hear listening. The New Dominion Podcast launched a year ago last May with a simple purpose — to introduce listeners to politicians, nonprofit and for-profit leaders, educators, and just plain interesting people to learn their “Why Behind the […]

COMMENTARY: Government Limits, Parents’ Responsibilities

School districts are set to act on smartphone bans. That’s good. But failing to define what problem they hope to address means smartphone bans could fail before they’re ever implemented. Tonight, Fredericksburg City Schools looks to become another in the line of divisions regionally and across the nation to join the smartphone-ban movement. Huzzah! Now […]

The News That Had Our Readers Talking: May 31 – June 7

The week just past saw Caroline students raking in scholarship money, Mary’s Landing resubmitting plans, King George banning phones, Nicole Cole’s jury trial set, and in the least shocking news of the week – Lisa Phelps and April Gillespie still can’t follow simple requests. Also this week, our new occasional feature, Education 540, takes a […]

‘Hardening’ on Democracy and Freedom

On Thursday evening, people from across the region gathered at the Fallen Heroes Memorial in Fredericksburg to remember those who took part in the D-Day invasion 80 years ago. This afternoon, we’ll have a full recap of the event. This morning, we are reprinting the comments Davis was asked to deliver for the occasion. Winston […]

‘Never Disappoint the Expectations of Their Country’

It’s time – past time – that we simply learn to hear. Leatherneck Gallery is flooded with light, and that light reflects the words that capture the essence of the United States Marine Corps. Perhaps none do that better than these: “The Marines will never disappoint the expectations of the country — never!”— Captain C. […]

The News That Moved Us: May 17 to May 24

The week just past saw Spotsylvania’s School Board corrupting Congress, Stafford’s showering money on managers, playing fast and loose with Buc-ee’s traffic study, Mary Washington Healthcare finding new ways to add fees to patients’ bills, and two teacher arrests in Spotsylvania. Also this week, a long-overdue lesson in Robert’s Rules of Order (that seems to […]

Spotsylvania Needs a Reset on Robert’s Rules

For three years, the School Board has not been following Robert’s Rules of Order; rather, members have bludgeoned one another with it. There’s a better way forward. As has been the case for too many meetings of the Spotsylvania County School Board over the past three years, the gathering on Monday night, May 13, ended […]

The News That Moved Us This Past Week: May 10 – May 17

The week just past saw Spotsylvania Schools moving into roadwork, family summer grocery budgets catching a break, Glenn Youngkin spurring FOIA requests, tax laws and the failure of school funding, and legal fees run amok. In addition, local public schools model excellence, and Drew is still petitioning to join (potential governor) Spanberger for a job. […]

COMMENTARY: Celebrating Excellence

To dismiss public schools as “failing” is to cheapen the achievements of students who reach for it, and show the way for elevating the bar for all. Using standardized tests to measure academic achievement is hardly a new idea. America has a long history of experimenting with ways to measure outcomes. Few efforts have been as […]