Happy Mother’s Day from the Advance

Our youngest son sent his mom a photo the other day of the night sky. He is far, far from home serving our nation. But even in these trying days, he found beauty in a difficult part of the world – a sky unfettered by the light pollution that keeps us from seeing the universe we live in – and wanted to share it with his mom.

The ability to find beauty in trying times and places is a gift that mothers seem to instinctively provide their children. Perhaps it’s because moms experience the joy of giving life in a way that – try as we might – men never will be able to fully embrace or understand.

Today’s a day to celebrate and remember our mothers, and the unique power they have to help us see beauty in the world.

We at the Advance encourage all of you to enjoy time today with your mother, or spend some time remembering the gifts your mother gave you.

After all, it’s our mothers who first teach us to see beauty in the world. That’s a gift no child can ever repay.

From all of us here at the Advance – Happy Mothers Day.

by Martin Davis