Stafford County has a severe problem with food insecurity

Stafford may rank as a “wealthy” county in Virginia and nationwide, but its student population reveals the extent to which food insecurity is damaging children and families in the county.

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  1. Ernest Ackermann
    January 20, 2024

    Excellent article by David Kerr. Food access is an important issue in our community.

  2. Leo B Watkins
    January 20, 2024

    Agreed with Mr Ackermann.

    A Tale of Two Cities, a tale of two worlds.

    Thanks for writing. Saw something recently where a neighboring county (King George? Caroline?) had a program where all students were being provided with unconditional breakfasts, under a grant. Seems like there should be some similar funding for lunches.

    It’s bad enough if anyone in our country goes hungry, but especially our children.

    If we truly believe that we are one people, one country – they are as much our responsibility as they are their parents. We tend our animals, our equipment, our roads.

    Why not our children?

    Food for thought. Thanks again, Mr Kerr.

  3. Emma Rinker
    January 20, 2024

    Meanwhile, Tara Durant voted against feeding kids at school:

    • Leo B Watkins
      January 21, 2024

      Did not know that. Thanks.

      And yet, this is the lady sponsoring legislation to give special tax breaks to church-run daycares over private, tax paying daycares. And who dropped the ball on changing county policies so that now a meth clinic will be opening next to a private daycare.

      Be nice if she cared as much about everyday people as she does following her party.

      I guess Monica Gary’s feeling very proud of her 5th column, vanity campaign to divide the non-theocratic vote so that Ms Durant would end up representing us instead of Joel Griffin. Now we all suffer the consequences.

      As folks like Mr Davis played Ms Gary’s no-chance candidacy up either for the drama, or because of their mutual admiration.

      Oh, and did I mention that Ms Durant’s also sponsoring a bill that will revert local elections back to May?

      Good for those who have nothing but time (read retired Republicans), not so much for people who work for a living, or want to keep the cost of administering government down….

      Well done folks, you get what you vote for…..

  4. Emma Rinker
    January 21, 2024

    Griffin shot himself in the foot with the way he campaigned. He couldn’t do much more than use talking points to get his message across. He blocked Democratic voters who questioned him and he couldn’t handle constructive criticism from people working within his campaign, either. His mantra seemed to be you either fall in line or you get the boot.

    That isn’t how a leader acts. It’s not how person with integrity behaves. I know a lot of people in Spotsy are sick and tired of that behavior and IMO it showed back in November.

    He KNEW going into the election it would be a three-way race, yet he mostly campaigned like it was two-person one and that was another big mistake. He assumed too much and tried to ride the coattails of others instead of putting in the hard work of earning people’s respect and helping those outside his bubble get to know him.

    Griffin appeared to seduced by Big Money thanks to out-of-town representatives who think they know our area better. They talked him into running, promising endorsements and donations in exchange doing some of their bidding if he won. He was willing to go along with their games at the expense of our district.

    So, even if he had won, I don’t know that he’d have been the representative we truly need around here. He never struck me as someone who *truly* understood the needs of people in our area. He actively went out of his way to silence people and it cost him.

  5. Emma Rinker
    January 21, 2024

    Need to add: those representatives I mentioned went to Ben Litchfield and Monica Gary before wracking their brains on who to ask next. Ben and Monica turned them down because going along with their proposal would have meant putting SD27 second. Not first, like it needs to be.