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Yes – Climate Change Is a Serious Issue

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Mr. Stewart’s denial of climate change {“Questioning Climate Change,”March 10) dismisses the fact that current CO2 levels are dangerously high because of our excessive use of fossil fuels. He pushes the concept that nuclear power will be the way of the future. It might be, but only if a valid plan is created and implemented for treating radioactive waste that kills living things for hundreds of thousands of years. 

Over 97% percent of scientists believe that climate change is real; compare that to a recent survey that found 10% of Americans believe the Earth is flat and that COVID-19 vaccinations implanted microchips into people.  

Everyone has the right to believe what they want, and searches on the internet will support whatever belief a person considers to be the truth. An interest in real science would help people understand some of the many science-based consequences of climate change, as well as understand why in many parts of the U.S. there are ever fewer homeowner policies as a result of CO2, methane and other greenhouse gas disasters.

What kind of person verbally attacks children? I take offense in Mr. Stewart’s comment that the intent of this event was to misinform the public. Nothing could be further from the truth.  The students who participated in this event were brilliant in both their research and delivery, focusing on what everyday people can do to improve our world. These young people are our future – everyone who attended was surely inspired and given hope that solutions will be found and implemented by them, and others like them. 

Mr. Stewart obviously did not attend the 4th Youth Climate Action Conference: Our Actions = Our Future.  It allows high school and college students to select a topic negatively affecting the world’s ecological and climatic balance, research the topic, and present it to the public. 

All attendees were captivated by the GreenTeens from Richmond and their proactive actions, the young Climate Reality Project organizer, and hearing how fast fashion is ruining our environment; raves were heard about the session on how to write effective letters to legislators and influencers; thoughtful faces watched a skit on how activists, businesses, and communities can work together to reduce the negative effects of climate change; detailed presentations on how groups are fighting to restore ecosystems and save flora and fauna around the world; and more.  Students heard from local and state organizations about what they do, what kinds of jobs are available in the environmental sectors, and what volunteer and internship opportunities are available.

None of the students chose to cover the pros and cons of nuclear energy this year, but we would welcome any students to participate who would like to learn more and share their findings with other students and the public next year. I encourage Mr. Stewart and other climate change deniers to come to next year’s summit and open their minds to learning from these young adults instead of trying to demoralize and derail their efforts to make our world a better place. 

Julie Kay
Trained leader with The Climate Reality Project
Co-founder of Fossil Free Fredericksburg and lead coordinator of the Fredericksburg youth-led climate conferences since 2018

by Martin Davis