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It’s the New Dominion Podcast’s 50th Episode!

- May 24, 2024

We welcome back Scott Mayausky, our most celebrated and recognized guest.

This week, the New Dominion Podcast is celebrating its 50th podcast. With more than 2,000 listeners, NDP is quickly becoming a force in Central Virginia, highlighting the movers, shakers, and interesting people who make life in our area so enjoyable. For our 50th show, we invited back a trusted and engaging interviewee – Scott Mayausky. He’s become to NDP what Steve Martin is to Saturday Night Live.

In this episode, Mayausky, who serves as the Commissioner of Revenue for Stafford County, explains why Virginia’s cumbersome method of taxing through localities is so complicated, how it works, and how regressive taxation leans heaviest on those who can least afford it.

Have you missed an episode of one of Central Virginia’s most-popular podcasts? You can always listen to any previous shows by going to our site at Spotify.

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