Candidate Profile – Michael “Mike” Martin

Editor’s Note: Mike Martin is running for Board of Supervisors in the Chancellor District. Recently he sat down with FXBG Advance to talk about his life, why he wants to run for office, and what he would hope to accomplish on the board. FXBG Advance: Tell us a bit about your background. Mike Martin: I […]

COMMENTARY: Misleading Voters

Can freedom long survive in Spotsylvania County? This is something that voters – knowingly or not – are flowing to the polls to decide. That challenge was squarely before those who attended early voting on Friday. For some time, before police were called, Nick Ignacio (candidate for Clerk of Court) and Steve Maxwell (candidate for […]

Stafford educator named 2023 Teacher of the Year

There’s nothing easy about teaching. And there’s nothing easy about selecting one above all others as the best of the best. Northern Virginia Magazine has done that work, however, and named Jennifer McCall of North Stafford High School as the 2023 Teacher of the Year. “Parents and students told us about so many outstanding educators, […]


Belen Rodas knows a thing or two about education. A professed professional student, she holds degrees from Amherst and Georgetown. She’s also a teacher who works with some of our public schools’ most challenging students. She’s running for School Board in Spotsylvania in the Chancellorsville district. She recently spent an hour with FXBG Advance to […]

ANALYSIS: SD 27 Race a Ross Perot-type Moment

Independents in American politics have a long history of being on the fringes, often teetering on the edge of reality. That’s why they’ve proven so entertaining. Saturday Night Live’s spoofs of these individuals have become legendary. Ross Perot in 1992, Herman Cain in 2012, among many others.   Saturday Night Live has long spoofed “crazy” […]

Campaign Fundraising Reports

Candidates’ September financial filings are now available on VPAP, and there are some surprising numbers in local races. We provide a quick look at local races and the fundraising candidates have managed to this point. Because Virginia was redistricted this year, the boundaries have been changed. Click here for an interactive map of Districts. To […]

Candidate Profile – Monica Gary

Editor’s Note: Monica Gary is running as an independent in Senate District 27. She recently sat down with FXBG Advance to talk about her upbringing and its impact on her development as a politician, her priorities should she win, and how running a lean campaign has focused her efforts. FXBGADVANCE: There’s a sensationalist side to […]

A Good Run for Stafford Schools

Schools are under intense scrutiny these days, with people from the governor on down talking about the failure of traditional public education for all. But in Stafford County, the past week has brought a lot of news to celebrate. Last Friday the district released the following news: According to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) […]