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The Results Are In, and the Best Cup of Coffee Is at …

- August 19, 2023

Unlike last week’s questionnaire on the best pizza in town, this competition wasn’t close. In fact, the winning coffee shop more than doubled up the vote total of its nearest competitor.

Which coffee shop has won the heart of the ‘Burg? Without further ado, the winners are:

6) Katora Coffee. “Funky.” That’s not our word to describe Katora, it’s the coffee shop’s word. And it fits. Organic coffees, a vegan and vegetarian menu, and “a safe space supportive of recovery, mental health, LGBTQ+, the arts, and music,” according to its website. Visit Katora at 615 Caroline Street downtown.

4 – Tie) The Italian Station. Located at 620 Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, the Italian Station features both signature and seasonal drinks, a compelling line of baked goods and sweets, and of course a great cup of coffee.

4 – Tie) Curitiba Art Cafe. Co-owners Cori and Megan have created a special environment at Curitiba, where great music; craft cocktails, and a great cup of coffee are always available. There are also long tables and plenty of chairs, perfect for group conversations or just popping open the computer and getting some work done. A gotta-try shop at 919 Caroline Street. (Full disclosure – in addition to great coffee, Curitiba is where we weekly record the New Dominion Podcast in the upstairs room. You gotta see it to believe it. And yes, it’s available to rent.)

3) 25 30 EspressoThe first shop on the list NOT on Caroline Street, 25 30 Espresso is a favorite of commuters who ride the VRE and the shop’s surrounding neighborhood. From specialized blends to single-origin coffees, those with a refined coffee palate will find plenty to choose from. Visit this craft coffee shop at 400 Princess Anne Street.

2) Agora Downtown Coffee Shop. Located at 520 Caroline Street in the city, Agora is the place to go if you need a good used book to go with that hot cup of java. In fact, Agora is something of a general store – anything you’ve ever liked about a coffee shop rolled up into one of the oldest buildings in Fredericksburg. Ya gotta give this one a shot.

1) Coming it at No. 1 is a Fredericksburg institution – Hyperion. Located at 301 William Street, Hyperion is known for its array of sweets and treats, and wide range of hot and cold coffees, special cold drinks, and teas. We could add a lot of flowery words, but why? In the minds of our readers, Hyperion is best summed up this way: “The Best.”

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