Bogus Ballots and Election Mockery

Mr. William A. Anderson — mastermind behind the 1901 Virginia Constitution — would certainly understand what is happening daily outside the early-voting location in Spotsylvania County. Blatantly deceiving voters. Neither Nick Ignacio — a candidate for clerk of court — nor Steve Maxwell who is running for Spotsylvania Sheriff have Anderson’s acumen. Yet they certainly […]

Editor’s Note – New FXBG Features

The FXBG Advance is enjoying rapid growth, which is enabling us to expand our coverage to better meet your needs. Among the additions recently made to the Advance are: Local Deaths Political Cartoons with Clay Jones Local Voters’ Guide New Dominion Podcast Profiles of local candidates Sunday Book Reviews Sunday Arts Reviews Now, we’re […]

Imperial Takeover

Augustus was pulling off coups long before Lisa Phelps came on the scene. Educated citizens will understand the reference. The chairman of Spotsylvania County’s school board, however, surely won’t. That would require reading – and given her desire to ban and burn books with “pornography,” we assume anything from, or about, the Roman Empire is […]

Fall Foliage

Entering the last weekend of September, fall colors are beginning to make their way to Virginia’s mountains, according to American Forests. Near-peak and peak viewing times will be October 16-23, according to the same website. For those who enjoy keeping a close eye on leafy colors, invites people to help improve predictions by reporting […]

Public Schools are failing – but not my public schools

There’s a well-known paradox in the world of education research. Ask people about their feelings toward public schools in general, and you’re likely to hear that schools are failing. Ask people about their local schools, however, and most have good things to say. So well-entrenched is this pattern that the results of a recent poll […]

The Debate Nobody Loses

When candidates agree to a debate, they have one rule – don’t lose. By that standard, every candidate for Senate District 27 on the stage Wednesday night at Mary Washington University won. Tara Durant Tara Durant set the tone with her opening remarks. I’m running for senate to make Virginia more secure. More secure for […]

Senate Debate Site Moved

Due to the unexpectedly large turn-out for the recent House debate between Josh Cole and Lee Peters, Wednesday night’s debate at 7 pm with Tara Durant (R), Monica Gary (I), and Joel Griffin (D) has been relocated to George Washington Hall’s Dodd Auditorium (See map below). Image courtesy of Google Maps This race is being […]

Candidate Profile – Michael “Mike” Martin

Editor’s Note: Mike Martin is running for Board of Supervisors in the Chancellor District. Recently he sat down with FXBG Advance to talk about his life, why he wants to run for office, and what he would hope to accomplish on the board. FXBG Advance: Tell us a bit about your background. Mike Martin: I […]

COMMENTARY: Misleading Voters

Can freedom long survive in Spotsylvania County? This is something that voters – knowingly or not – are flowing to the polls to decide. That challenge was squarely before those who attended early voting on Friday. For some time, before police were called, Nick Ignacio (candidate for Clerk of Court) and Steve Maxwell (candidate for […]

Stafford educator named 2023 Teacher of the Year

There’s nothing easy about teaching. And there’s nothing easy about selecting one above all others as the best of the best. Northern Virginia Magazine has done that work, however, and named Jennifer McCall of North Stafford High School as the 2023 Teacher of the Year. “Parents and students told us about so many outstanding educators, […]