Candidate Profile – Michael “Mike” Martin

Editor’s Note: Mike Martin is running for Board of Supervisors in the Chancellor District. Recently he sat down with FXBG Advance to talk about his life, why he wants to run for office, and what he would hope to accomplish on the board. FXBG Advance: Tell us a bit about your background. Mike Martin: I […]

Candidate Profile – Monica Gary

Editor’s Note: Monica Gary is running as an independent in Senate District 27. She recently sat down with FXBG Advance to talk about her upbringing and its impact on her development as a politician, her priorities should she win, and how running a lean campaign has focused her efforts. FXBGADVANCE: There’s a sensationalist side to […]

Interview: Why Behind the Why With Timothy P. Duffy

Fredericksburg City Council Member Timothy P. Duffy FXBG Advance: You have a long history in Fredericksburg, Tim, but you aren’t from here originally. Tell us about your background, and how you found your way to Fredericksburg. Tim Duffy: I spent the first 12 years of my life in Fairfax County, in the community of McLean. My […]