Steve Maxwell, candidate for Spotsylvania Sheriff, requests manual recount

by Adele Uphaus MANAGING EDITOR AND CORRESPONDENT Steve Maxwell, who ran against incumbent Roger Harris for Spotsylvania Sheriff, has asked that the results of last week’s election not be certified until a manual recount has been completed. Maxwellj, who was endorsed by the county Republican committee, sent a letter to Kellie Acors, the general registrar […]

Commentary: Follow the numbers

by Rick Pullen GUEST COLUMNIST When the Virginia Supreme Court last year ordered state House and Senate districts redrawn to comply with a new law to rid the state of Gerrymandering, no one was quite sure which way the 27th Senate District leaned. Before any votes were ever cast, political scientists opined that the district […]

It’s Election Day – Five Reasons to Care

We as Americans are consumed with national news and national elections. So much so that we often turn out for presidential elections at far high numbers than we do for any other type of election. Today is not one of those presidential elections. It’s not even an off-year election, where we don’t elect the next […]

Concerns over National Elections in Local Politics

At the Dorothy Hart Community Center in downtown Fredericksburg, a line of students at the University of Mary Washington waited for the trolley to pick them up and take them back to campus. The trolley was busy all day taking students from the college to downtown for voting. Many of them were brand-new voters motivated […]

Misleading Sample Ballots Continue to Roil Spotsylvania Polling Places

At several polling stations across Spotsylvania today, sample ballots with misleading information continued to be find their way into voters’ hands. At Battlefield Elementary School late this afternoon, the Advance was handed a yellow sample ballot with the header “Republican Sample Ballot,” and the man distributing the document referred to it as “a ballot from […]

Misinformation and Misrepresentation Grows in Spotsylvania

The email sent at 11:20 am Thursday morning was a reminder that at Spotsylvania’s Early Voting site, misrepresentation and misinformation are afoot. General Registrar Kellie Acors sent her email to about 50 candidates and campaign workers, among others, warning that people were behaving in a manner that is now negatively affecting the community’s impression of […]

The Debate Nobody Loses

When candidates agree to a debate, they have one rule – don’t lose. By that standard, every candidate for Senate District 27 on the stage Wednesday night at Mary Washington University won. Tara Durant Tara Durant set the tone with her opening remarks. I’m running for senate to make Virginia more secure. More secure for […]


Belen Rodas knows a thing or two about education. A professed professional student, she holds degrees from Amherst and Georgetown. She’s also a teacher who works with some of our public schools’ most challenging students. She’s running for School Board in Spotsylvania in the Chancellorsville district. She recently spent an hour with FXBG Advance to […]

ANALYSIS: SD 27 Race a Ross Perot-type Moment

Independents in American politics have a long history of being on the fringes, often teetering on the edge of reality. That’s why they’ve proven so entertaining. Saturday Night Live’s spoofs of these individuals have become legendary. Ross Perot in 1992, Herman Cain in 2012, among many others.   Saturday Night Live has long spoofed “crazy” […]

Campaign Fundraising Reports

Candidates’ September financial filings are now available on VPAP, and there are some surprising numbers in local races. We provide a quick look at local races and the fundraising candidates have managed to this point. Because Virginia was redistricted this year, the boundaries have been changed. Click here for an interactive map of Districts. To […]