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Campaign Fundraising Reports

- September 18, 2023

Candidates’ September financial filings are now available on VPAP, and there are some surprising numbers in local races. We provide a quick look at local races and the fundraising candidates have managed to this point.

Because Virginia was redistricted this year, the boundaries have been changed. Click here for an interactive map of Districts.

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Senate District 27

The early expectation that this Senate race would be pricey is proving true. Data released by VPAP shows Tara Durant having raised $350,546 as of August 31, and Monica Gary, an independent, have raised a surprising $80,149. In its report, VPAP showed Democrat Joel Griffin with no filing.

According to Brandon Jarvis, however, Griffin has outraised Durant and Gary combined. He reports Griffin having raised $643,231, and having $518,850 on-hand.

House District 62

In a minor surprise, incumbent Nick Freitas is trailing Sara Ratcliffe as of August 31 in fundraising.

House District 63

Incumbent Phillip Scott expected to have an easy guide to re-election, with no Democrat running against him. For that reason, his fundraising totals are low – $23,217 on-hand, and just $7,082 raised. With the announcement that Dawn Shelley has decided to enter the race as a write-in candidate, however, Scott will now feel some pressure to up his game. Shelley currently serves on the Spotsylvania County School Board and enjoys name recognition in the district.

House District 64

This seat is wide open, and Leonard Lacey (D) got off to a strong start. But his ability to raise money hasn’t matched that of his Republican opponent, Paul Milde. Despite that, just $20,000 separates Milde from Lacey in this race.

House District 65

HD 65 is the marquee House race in our region, and Joshua Cole (D) is showing himself to be a formidable opponent when it comes to fundraising. With $426,485 on-hand, he has almost $80,000 more than Lee Peters (R). Cole also outraised Lee this period by $230,000.

Local Races

The races drawing the most attention locally are the Spotsylvania School Board races, and the Stafford County Board of Supervisors races.

In Spotsylvania, it’s notable that each of the four candidates who have run to restore order on the Board and return respect for public schools are also the Top 4 fundraisers to this point.

Belen Rodas has $6,546 on-hand, followed by Megan Jackson ($5,479), Lorita Daniels ($4,515), and Carol Medawar ($4,232).

Kirk Twigg, who is aligned with the Tea Party and is facing felony charges for actions taken while Board Chair has raised $4,154.

The remaining conservative candidates running are far behind in fundraising. Chris Harris has just $830 on-hand and Jordan Lynch $637.

Alex Carlson barely registers with $90 on-hand.

Meanwhile, in Stafford County, upstart and political newcomer Howard Rudat is leading the way with $7,438 on-hand. Incumbent Tom Coen has $4,050. Crystal Vanuch, an incumbent and Rudat’s opponent, has $4,000 on-hand. Remaining candidates are far behind in fundraising.

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